What is SoundBiotics?

Sound is energy, frequency and vibration.

SoundBiotics® is the most innovative neurostimulation program through Sound & Voice Voice Analysis. SoundBiotics® Method re-trains your Brain to transform your life through an unique technology. Non-invasive approach. Worldwide Professionals. Complementary Sound Therapy.With SoundBiotics®, we help healthcare professionals take the opportunity to work with clients very seriously. This technology which has been in development for many years is now ready to begin entering the mainstream of awareness and acceptance.Most every health issue can have the opportunity to be supported with the Sound Technology. Not only can Sound Technology provide analysis into the human body, but with the use of SoundBiotics® professional software, we can introduce information into the body.


Voice Print

Scientifically, it has been proven that people with similar diseases, toxins, emotions, traumas…have similar, if not identical, vocal anomalies. Everything that happens to the body reaches the brain over the ear/brain connection. Through soundbiotics, frequency analysis of the human voice becomes a tool for wellness.

Voice Analysis

Studying the sounds created by living organisms is called BioAcoustics. The power of voice analysis to provide information about ones current state of health is actually quite natural. We do it without even realizing.Normally were able to tell when a person had something going on with their health just by how they sounded.

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy has been around for as long as man could make noise. Our bodies are acutely sensitive to noise, and although we realize this fact, we rarely think about it or consider the implications that this can have. For example, think of the last time you heard a bone chilling primitive scream, or the spine tingling screech of fingernails over a chalkboard.


Voice Analysis

BioAcoustics is the study of the energy and frequencies in our bodies and how they impact us in everyday life. BioAcoustics uses the voice to identify areas in stress within the body, and provides the complementary or supplementary frequencies to bring the body into balance. Therapy is administered by a portable device (Tone Box).BioAcoustics research has discovered that voice analysis may be used to detect a variety of wellness issues.


Tomatis® Effect

The Tomatis Method is based on the principles established by Dr. Alfred Tomatis. The relationship of the ear andvoice is defined in his three laws, the “Tomatis Effect”. Recent research with BioAcoustics, a new science, has given rise to 2 new laws that can be applied to the ear/voice connection. Through BioAcoustics, a time domain frequency analysis of the voice becomes a predictive, diagnostic, and preventive tool for wellness. The spontaneous otoacoustic emissions from the ear were evaluated and compared with a frequency analysis obtained through voice analysis. One hundred percent correlation between the stressed frequencies of the ear and voice was noted.


Tomatis® Laws

Over 50 years ago, Dr. Alfred Tomatis discovered the "Tomatis Effect", a set of 3 laws that identified a 'voice-ear-brain' connection. Specifically, these laws state:Law 1: The voice only contains the harmonics that the ear can hear.Law 2: If you give the possibility to the ear to correctly hear the distorted frequencies of sound that are not well heard,
these are immediately and unconsciously restored into the voice.
Law 3: The imposed audition sufficiently maintained over time results in permanently modifying the audition and phonation.Law 4: (new) The ear emits the same stressed frequencies that are emitted by the voice.Law 5: (new) When complementary or supplementary frequencies of stressed frequencies are introduced via sound vibration to the ear,
vocal patterns regain coherence.


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SoundBiotics® is the most innovative neurostimulation program through Sound & Voice Voice Analysis. SoundBiotics® Method re-trains your Brain to transform your life through an unique technology. Non-invasive approach.

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